Sunday, April 27, 2008

To Brussels, for a meeting of the steering committee of the European Observatory. It has been an incredibly busy year, beginning with the publication of our book on cancer in Europe and continuing with intensive preparations for the Ministerial Conference on Health Systems in Tallinn in June.

It is always nice to know that one is appreciated, so it was a great pleasure for us all when the Observatory was recognized in an award schema that had been launched by the World Bank for initiatives that improve the lives of people living in Europe and Central Asia. A total of 19 awards were made, most for projects within countries, such as the restoration of the famous bridge in Mostar, in Bosnia, that was destroyed during the war, or an AIDS control project in Moldova. The Observatory was recognised by a multi-country award. The picture shows Armin Fidler, who had previously accepted the certificate from the president of the Bank, in Washington, handing it on to Charles Normand, the chair of our steering committee, and accompanied by Josep Figueras, Director of the Observatory.

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