Wednesday, November 01, 2017

A running commentary

The Brexit negotiations continue - I deliberately do not use the word progress. It is now abundantly clear that the UK is totally unprepared. The Cabinet is hopelessly divided. Weekly, politicians make statements revealing their deep ignorance of how the EU works. The general view is that if they wait long enough, someone else will find a solution.

The Prime Minister has said that she won't provide a running commentary. She seems strangely shy about sharing the news about what she seems to think will be an amazing success, refusing to publish her government's assessments of the impact of Brexit. This may not matter - even the ministers in the department that is meant to be negotiating Brexit haven't read them - and can't even confirm they actually exist. Still, if she isn't willing to, I thought I could help with some observations from time to time. So as well as the blogs mentioned in previous posts here, I've added a few more. I hope you find them interesting.

BMJ blogs:

UK in a changing Europe:

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