Friday, April 17, 2020

COVID 19 - work in progress

Like many of us in public health, I've been rather busy with COVID-19. I thought it might be useful to bring together what I've been involved in in one place:

Papers and letters in scientific journals:

1)             Lloyd-Sherlock P, Ebrahim S, Geffen L, McKee M. Bearing the brunt of covid-19: older people in low and middle income countries. BMJ 2020; 368: m1052

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Papers in press

van Schalkwyk M, McKee M. Research into policy: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. Eur J Publ Health 

Oroszi B, Juhász A, Nagy C, Horváth JK, McKee M, Ádány R. The unequal burden of COVID-19 in Hungary: a geographical and socioeconomic analysis of the second wave of the pandemic. BMJ Global Health

Monti M, Torbia A, Mossialos E, McKee M. A new strategy for Health and Sustainable Development: domestic policies, pan-European cooperation, and global governance after the pandemic. Lancet

Jit M, Ananthakrishnan A, McKee M, Wouters O, Beutels P, Teerawattananon Y. Multi-country collaboration in responding to global infectious disease threats: lessons for Europe from the COVID-19 pandemic. Lancet Reg Health Europe

Ramon Martinez, Shah Ebrahim, Lucas Sempe and Martin McKee. Potential impact of COVID-19 on human mortality tool. This allows you to apply the age specific mortality seen in Italy or China to age distributions worldwide
Link to description
Our monitor is bringing together structured reports on how countries across Europe are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can select themes and countries to generate your own pdf. We are also adding thematic analyses, for example on testing practices across countries.

I am a member of the Independent SAGE, convened by Sir David King. Our first report was published on 12th May 2020 
Our second report, on reopening of schools, is here
Our third report on FTTIS is here

Lloyd-Sherlock PG, Kalache A, McKee M, Derbyshire J, GeffenL, Casas FG. WHO must prioritise the needs of older people in its response tothe covid-19 pandemic. BMJ. 2020 Mar 23;368:m1164. doi: 10.1136/bmj.m1164.

Martin McKee: Words have consequences, especially during a pandemic. BMJ Opinion

Michael RobertsMarcel LeviRichard SchillingWei Shen LimMichael PW GrocottMartin McKee. Covid-19: a complex multisystem clinical syndrome. BMJ Opinion 

Martin McKee. The questions we need to answer before easing lockdown. BMJ Opinion

Raymond Agius, John RobertsonMarcia StewartDenise KendrickHerb SewellMartin McKee Covid-19: Rigorous investigation of healthcare workers’ deaths is indispensable.  BMJ Opinion 

Martin McKee. Trust is essential in a pandemic, but the British prime minister is squandering it. BMJ Opinion

Selina Rajan Martin McKee. Learning From the Impacts of COVID-19 on Care Homes in England: A Pilot Survey  LTC COVID responses

Vishal Arora, Martin McKee. Covid-19 has decimated independent US primary care practices—how should policymakers and payers respond? BMJ Opinion

Martin McKee: The UK’s response to covid-19 does not inspire confidence in its ability to protect health as we drift into a No Deal Brexit. BMJ Opinion

Martin McKee: Will Boris Johnson’s “Moonshot” become lost in space? BMJ Opinion

Martin McKee, Iveta Nagyova: Could Slovakia's mass testing programme work in England? BMJ Opinion

Martin McKee: “NHS” Test and Trace under fire—a system flawed by design. BMJ Opinion

Martin McKee: How can we hold political leaders accountable for failures in pandemics?. BMJ Opinion

Martin McKee: The UK’s PPE procurement scandal reminds us why we need ways to hold ministers to account. BMJ Opinion

Martin McKee: Covid-19 vaccine wars: developing the AstraZeneca vaccine was a triumph, but then things went wrong. BMJ Opinion

Martin McKee: What did we learn from Dominic Cummings’ evidence to MPs on the covid crisis? BMJ Opinion

Martin McKee: What Dominic Cummings said next—the case for an urgent inquiry into England’s pandemic response gets stronger and stronger BMJ Opinion

Martin McKee: Martin McKee on “Spike: The virus versus the people”. BMJ Opinion

Media (selected)
Washington Post 23rd March
BBC Radio Ulster: 24th March , 2nd April
Daily Telegraph 6th March
BBC Radio 4 The World Tonight 13th April
Sky News 15th April
Toronto Globe and Mail 3rd April;  20th April
Sydney Morning Herald 4th May
Därför kan en ekonomisk kris skada folkhälsan mer än det nya coronaviruset. [Therefore, an economic crisis can harm public health more than the new corona virus] Dagens Nyhater 20th April
Tragiczny błąd Zachodu w walce z koronawirusem Rzeczpospolita [In Polish: A tragic mistake by the West in the fight against coronavirus] 4th May
Discussions/ podcasts
BBC World Service The Real Story. Discussion with Zeke Emanuel, Ben Cowling, Emma Frans and me. 17th April
The public health response to COVID19. BMJ podcast 
BBC Radio 4 The Briefing Room. 23rd April 
BMJ podcasts

Letters to newspapers

Letter to Financial Times critiquing Oxford study

Letter to Financial Times calling for a public inquiry:

Friday, August 17, 2018

E-cigarettes - more evidence of English exceptionalism

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has just published a report on e-cigarettes. Those involved in tobacco control outside England are amazed at its conclusions although not entirely surprised as the England has long been an international outlier on this issue, far out of step with the rest of the world. For example, two major reports, from the US National Academies ofScience and, only a few days ago, from Australia, highlight how much is not known. The American Heart Association agrees that " the potential health effects unknown, especially in long-term users" and has made a series of recommendations that are almost the opposite of those in the Commons report. And it's not just in the Anglophone world. leaders of the European Respiratory Society recently responded to a paper on e-cigarettes in England saying "(A) There is little evidence that e-cigarettes are an aid to smoking cessation and much evidence that tobacco manufacturers are advertising e-cigarettes as a bridge to starting nicotine and as a vehicle for long term continuation”; and “(B) no-one, expert or otherwise, can credibly assert that e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco in the long term, given that they contain a whole new tranche of unregulated and unstudied compounds being inhaled into the lung."
It is especially astonishing that the 95% safer figure is used, given that it has no credibility internationally. There are serious questions about the funding of the meeting it came from and it is simply impossible to know how safe a product is when it has only been used widely for a relatively short time. It took decades to discover the health effects of smoking. 
The World Health Organisation has said explicitly that a precise figure cannot be given, referring to "Unsubstantiated or overstated claims of safety and cessation". Also, as reported earlier this week in a study from Birmingham, new evidence is appearing weekly raising concerns about safety.
It is equally astonishing to see the claim that they are a proven smoking aid given the recent publication of a large controlled trial in the New England Journal of Medicine concluding that "Among smokers who received usual care (information and motivational text messages), the addition of free cessation aids or e-cigarettes did not provide a benefit. ". Moreover, there is now lots of evidence from observational studies that they reduce quitting.
The suggestion to increase nicotine is especially worrying given that organisations such as ASH have argued that the UK is safe from the rapid increase in use of Juuls by schoolchildren seen in the USA because of the lower levels permitted here. The report simply dismisses concerns such as that by the former chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Tobacco Consortium, who has said “Juul is already a massive public-health disaster". But then, the report ignores the considerable evidence that these products are a gateway to smoking.
Fortunately, other countries are not following England's direction, despite massive pressure from a very well funded Big Tobacco operation. Instead, they are waiting for the results on our giant experiment on our people.